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The new drug, Qnexa, recently rebranded to Qsymia, (Vivus) has been approved in 2012, by the FDA for Weight Loss and Obesity Treatment.

Qnexa consists of Phentermine and extended-release topiramate.  The drug has been rejected many times since it was first introduced in 2009 due to insufficient clinical trials to prove its safety.

Few doctors are already prescribing Qnexa by default in most obese or overweight cases.


Company: Vivus

Approval Status: Approved July 2012

Specific Treatments: chronic weight management.

Therapeutic Areas Endocrinology, Psychiatry/Psychology, Nutrition and Weight Loss.

Why Qnexa?

This drug is heavily targetting your food cravings and hunger bangs. It shed kilograms through suppressing your appetite and gets you to stop eating un-necessary snacks.

The secret recipe of this drug is based on two substances:

Phentermine: is an amphetamine-like prescription medication used to suppress appetite. It can help weight loss by decreasing your hunger or making you feel full longer.

Topiramate: Inhibit the brain networks that cause food cravings, Doctors occasionally prescribe Topamax off-label to control binging and purging and promote weight loss in people with eating disorders.

Important Note
According to Dr. Peter LePort, Topiramate (Topamax) comes with massive adverse effects that make many doctors reluctant to prescribe. These effects can start with an increased risk of suicidal thoughts, high blood acidity (which leads to kidney stones, & soft bones) and even birth defects (thus never prescribed pre-pregnancy, during or even post-pregnancy).

Why Qnexa was Rejected So Many Times?

Qnexa wasn’t the first to get rejected by the FDA & NHS, there have been other medications such as Meridia & Phenphedrine.

The constant issues that caused a major concern were the effect Qnexa causes on the heart. In initial tests, it shows an instant rise in heart rate and palpitations. However, Qnexa version improved to have a limit on how much can it impact the heart rate.

But, the link to a birth defect and Qnexa still didn’t change. An FDA expert estimated that there will be 5 babies out of 1000 babies that will have a birth defect such as cleft lip defect.

Best Qnexa Alternative

Product Qnexa



PhenQ Phentermine

How it Works It manipulates your nervous system by suppressing your hunger sensation. Its chemical composition is a lot like amphetamine. It’s a thermogenic agent that raises internal body temperature and burn stored fats to energy. It also contains fibre-based ingredients which is known to help curb your appetite and delay the onset of hunger. The less time you spend eating, the less food you eat
Ingredients The main ingredient is Phentermine Hydrochloride & Topiramate. And it’s 100% synthetic. There are the following main ingredients (100% natural):

– Caffeine (Improves thermogenesis)

– Capsimax Powder (Burns fat)

– Nopal (Appetite suppressant)

– Chromium Picolinate (Controlling carb and sugar cravings)

– Calcium Carbonate (Helps in maintaining optimal weight)

– L-Carnatine Furmarate (Changes the fats into energy)

(Many call it Herbal Phentermine)


Contraindications – Advanced arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, moderate to severe hypertension, hyperthyroidism, known hypersensitivity or idiosyncrasy to the sympathomimetic amines, glaucoma.

– Agitated states.

– Patients with a history of drug abuse.

– During or within 14 days following the administration of monoamine oxidase inhibitors (hypertensive crises may result).


Women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid using this product. This product is not meant to be consumed by children. If you have a pre-existing health problem, you may wish to speak with your health care provider before taking this product.
Side-effects Phentermine may cause serious side effects. You should tell your doctor right away if you experience any of the following:

Chest, arm, or jaw pain

Very fast heartbeat

Swelling in your feet or legs

High blood pressure

Shortness of breath


Shaking or trembling

Weakness or problems walking

Unpleasant or bad taste in the mouth

Itching, skin redness, or rash


It’s unlikely you’ll be dealing with side-effects simply because it’s 100% natural-based ingredients and non-synthetic.


However, it contains stimulants like caffeine so you might experience:

Sudden Energy boost.

Insomnia if u take it before you sleep, thus must avoid taking it in the evening time.

Prescription Required Not-Required
Ordering Online Not available in UK (Only in US market) Available
User Reviews Many complained from side-effects Positive Reviews (some even posted their before and after pictures) – Check Here
Price £95 (For one-month dosage) (plus doctor’s visit which is another £100) £45.95 (For one-month dosage) **There are ongoing offers on the official website**
Official Website Not Sold Online

Visit Official Website

Is it Possible To Order Qnexa Online?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to get legitimate Qnexa online without a doctor’s prescription. And once you google: Qnexa you’ll find unreliable sources offering it online.

Important Note
Most of the prescribed drugs that are sold online without a doctor’s prescription are highly dangerous. And there is a high chance it doesn’t contain what it claims.

Is NHS planning to Approve Qnexa in The UK market?

The drug is still considered to be at an investigational stage. However, it is not approved in the UK market.

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